FAQ - Help Center

Renew a Book
If no requests have been placed on an item may be renewed ONCE by either:

bullet Calling (505) 334-7657; have your library card number and the book handy.
bullet Coming into the library.
bullet Logging into your account at www.azteclibrary.org
bullet Renewal will not be possible if there is a request (hold) on the item.

Overdue Materials
bullet A library patron is responsible for all materials checked out on their card.

Fines for Overdue Items
bullet Levied at 10 cents per item per day.

Replacement and Processing Costs
bullet Charged for items overdue for 60 days or more.
bullet If item is found and returned, after billing as Lost, the replacement fee will be waived, but overdue fees will still apply at 10 cents per day.
bullet Damaged items will be assessed by library staff with charges applied according to damage.

When library is closed, materials may be left in the drive-by book drop on the south side of the Aztec Public Library.

Suspension of Borrowing Privileges
bullet Borrowing privileges of patrons owing $10.00 or more are suspended until payment is made.
bullet Accounts 60 days overdue and totaling $25.00 or more may be referred to a collection agency.